Our story began on steam, early 2014 …

The sandstone of a discussion between Malak and Yourry, the crazy idea to offer a mod with dinos on Arma3 came Malak.

At first it was a joke or air crazy project and then finally the idea seemed friendly. It was set to work and after a difficult start, the first reports were promising. Malak quickly managed to implement a Raport in the game:


The Reign Of Jurassic project was born …

But later proved to be a long road strewn with pitfalls. This is the animation process dinos remains the most complex and time-consuming part:

V3 raptor bug_2

After the announcement of the contest Make Arma Not War, we decided to participate and to present the mod in the category Total Modification …

No real claim, the contest have allowed us to work with a deadline.

Finally a first playable version was released in late October 2014, with the closing of the contest Make Arma Not War.

This first rather poor and still quite buggy version is only the beginning of the Reign Of Jurassic project.

Since the end of the competition, we continue to develop the project for our enjoyment and that of the community …

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