The Reign Of Jurassic mod is based on two types of gameplay. He has one hand Survival gameplay and another version of the coop.
To select the operating mode of Reign Of Jurassic, everything goes in a file:


This is the file that condenses all the parameters that we will see together.
This file is required for the proper functioning of the mod.

How to open the file

It’s very simple, a simple text editor is enough. Your default text editor (usually Notepad) functions.
However for comfort, I suggest is to install the editor Poseidon our friends Tom_48_97 or so software like notepad ++

How to activate the option

To enable an option, it is sufficient that the variable is uncommented:

ROJ_DEBUG call compileFinal = “true”;

Here if ROJ_DEBUG is then uncommented debug mod will be active.
Conversely if the line is commented the start is not active:

// ROJ_DEBUG call compileFinal = “true”;

We attack the list of each parameter and its effect. Do not forget, if the line is commented by // it is not active.

The list of options

  • ROJ_DEBUG call compileFinal = “true”;

  • Enables the debug option. We see the dinos on the map as well as a number of things (Drop house, wreck, crash, etc …) This option is mainly useful for publishers.

  • ROJ_INTRO call compileFinal = “true”;

  • Active intro of the game. If the player is known in the database intro will not be re-played.

  • ROJ_SETTIMEMULTIPLIER = call compileFinal “60”; :

  • Active time acceleration. For example, the time in the game is 60 faster than reality. This works like the command setTimeMultiplier . Values must be between 0.1 and 120 to avoid problems. Attention because this command is groumande resource.
    If disabled, the time normally elapses.

  • ROJ_SPAWN_DINO_AUTO call compileFinal = “true”;

  • On some missions, you will see that the island is covered trigger. This option works with triggers to automatically spawn the dinos when the player enters the trigger area.
    If the triggers are removed, it is then necessary to comment that line.

  • ROJ_SPAWN_LOOT call compileFinal = “true”;

  • The mod can spawn in the houses of furniture and equipment (aka Drop) of all kinds. This option is particularly suited to survival mode.
    By disabling it, the houses will always be empty. At least our mod will do nothing spawné of it.

  • ROJ_PLAYER_ACTION call compileFinal = “true”;

  • This option allows some actions on some object of the game. For example take a chemlight and place it on either to have a little light.
    For now the list of actions is still a bit poor but As time it will grow. I documenterais the list of actions in due course.

  • ROJ_PLAYER_CONNECT call compileFinal = “true”;

  • Option to use with caution! When you connect to a part or the beginning, there is a sequence that allows a number of things. For example the intro of the mod (ROJ_INTRO) or the random spawn (ROJ_SELECT_RANDOM_SPAWN)
    This is unlike an important option to disable if you want to do a small mission house with its own spawn, equipment, intro, etc …

  • ROJ_PLAYER_CONDITION call compileFinal = “true”;

  • With this option, players needs to eat and drink to survive. As well as the management of the body temperature or the amount of blood remaining is taken into account.
    If you do not want to have this component, useful for home missions, simply comment that line.
    The dinos will still be sensitive to noise or the smell of blood if you are injured. This option only affects the player.

  • ROJ_SELECT_RANDOM_SPAWN call compileFinal = “true”;

  • During a first connection or early in the game, if the connection sequence is activated (ROJ_PLAYER_CONNECT), the player is placed randomly on the map.
    Spawn player randomly on one of spawn_survivor_X objects where X is a number (1 to 99). Besides your mission, you can move the H inviscibles materializing spawn position.
    You can also added (spawn_survivor_4, spawn_survivor_5, spawn_survivor_10 …) to 99.
    Conversely, if the option is disabled the player will be placed at the point where he was placed on the publisher.

  • ROJ_RANDOM_SPAWN_WRECK call compileFinal = “true”;

  • When this option is active spawné civilian vehicles (only civil and rolling) on ??the map. The vehicles are randomly placed on the road and more or less damaged.
    Off, mod does nothing spawné.

  • ROJ_RANDOM_LAND_VEHICLE_LOOT call compileFinal = “true”;

  • If ROJ_RANDOM_SPAWN_WRECK enabled, you can also bring up random equipment in vehicles. It is not systematic.
    No spawné equipment in the vehicle if the line is commented

  • ROJ_PLAYER_DEATH_RESTART call compileFinal = “true”;

  • By enabling this option, the player loses his death mission. Reference is made to the selection of slots even if a respawn or revive enabled. This option is so use with caution.
    For now this option is not yet compatible with the revives. Maybe she will be one day …
    If this option is enabled, it must be ensured that in the description.ext disabledAI line is equal to 0 (disabledAI = 0). If it is not, when the player reslotte the server does not initialize the player correctly.
    When the option is commented, the player once dead did what you told him to do: a respawn, a revive, etc.

  • ROJ_PERSISTENCE_ENABLED call compileFinal = “true”;

  • The persistence with extDB2. Every minute, the position, the player’s equipment is stored in a database. When the player reconnects, he will find his character as if he had never left the game.
    Off, there is no persistence. Useful for personal tasks or if one wants to have its own system.

  • ROJ_PERSISTENCE_ACTIVATED call compileFinal = “true”;

  • This option is mandatory if we want persistence works. It works with the activated ROJ_PERSISTENCE_ENABLED option.
    By disabling this option, the player information is still stored in the database but are not used.
    This can be useful if you want to do a mission chaining. The Alpha 1 Rescue Mission uses this option: firstly, players play a coop release. Then for reasons of bad weather, you can not pick them up.
    They must manage and survival Version (Alpha Rescue 2) agrees with the character of the previous mission (active option then) …

  • ROJ_TEMPLATE_EQUIP call compileFinal = “true”;

  • When you play for the first time on the server or the game, the mod can offer you basic equipment. This option makes it possible to provide basic equipment to all new players.
    The equipment is biensur configurable.
    Conversely, commented the player spawn with default equipment.

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